Monday, 4 July 2016

Find taste in the waste


Ridged Gourd skin (Turai) Chutney

1 cup thick turai skin
1 – 2 green chili
1 – 2 garlic
Slt and lemon to taste

·        Remove thick skin of turai, add green chili, salt, garlic / ginger and lemon and grind it to a paste
·        Serve this with Dhoklas, cutlets or paratha etc
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Friday, 1 July 2016

Do we know what are vegetables?

Last Sunday the Times of India wrote '" 35% of what Indians eat today is foreign." On  reading  further one  realizes  a  lot  of  food  grown here  originated  from  other  parts  of  the  world are  today  local.  I encourage eating  loads  of  veggies  P.C.O.D, Low   semen  count,  hormonal  disorders  ,depression , psychological problems  ,obesity, cancer and a  host of  degenerative  diseases are  prevented  with  fresh  produce.
Later on I went shopping with my niece for groceries walking down the supermarket she picks up yellow and red bell peppers, zucchini, various sprouts, tomato ketchup, pasta, bread, yogurt and butter. No bhindi(lady finger), dudhi( bottle  gourd), parval(pointed gourd), gavar(sword beans , karela(bitter gourd), kadu(pumkin)tinsa (round gourd )turai (ridge  gourd ) etc ....
That  evening  I  was being  thanked  by  someone  for  helping  her  cut  down  on  caffeine  and  I  asked  if  she  was  eating  loads  of  vegetables  and  she  said  daily  a  lot  of  broccoli  at  night. I was so appalled as broccoli is one of the most difficult vegetables to digest especially at night and were not summer or monsoon   vegetables. Further on I met my friend who owns a health shop and was venting my distress to her. " I am so careful .", was her reply, " I make it a point that my children and  me   eat vegetables- I have taught them to make mattar(peas) paneer, soya kheema, moong vegetable and raswala alu ( potato)." WHERE ARE THE VEGETABLES????

I am so frustrated and to top this niece messages. “For dinner I am having a boiled egg and simultaneously I am boiling tindli which I am going to have with chat masala." I nearly threw up .A country  that  grows and  makes  amazing  vegetable  preparations  is  down  to  this. No wonder we are becoming the disease capital of the world. I wonder  what  I  will  learn this weekend on food habbit.