Monday, 2 January 2017


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It’s party time where family and friends get together and drinks are flowing. Let’s be clever and make brilliant choices. Let not your mind control you but you control your mind. Understand, that to party alcohol is not the criteria but if you want alcohol be sharp and don’t mess up your brain for a cheap buzz as it dulls your senses and slows your reaction time making you behave like an idiot.
Excess causes hangovers and the next few days of utter misery. Be shrewd and take total control of your mind body and your spirit(s) when you decide to tilt.
Eat and go as consuming alcohol on an empty stomach hits you hard and the effects are gross and the party mood goes for a toss.
If you are clever have small pegs by itself not a rum and coke but plain rum, loads of water in between each drink plus a non alcoholic non sugar drink as sugar catalyzes alcohol faster making it more potent.
For a lot of people alcohol intake may be fatal. Be selfish and understand your drink before you drown in it.

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Naini Setalvad

Don't forget to keep eating healthy!

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